levitating without any sense

[autonomus detailing | 2014]

I arrive to the station by metro, as is my daily routine. I step out of the carriage. The place gives a feeling of a limitless open space, yet I am surrounded by other people who are on their way to somewhere, by high-rise buildings that are reflecting the sharp rays of the sun, by formal fences and cold concrete. It is 8 o’clock. There is a lot of tension. Is it the others being in rush? Is it the fact that I am put on  a ‘track’ with constant movement, where there is almost no chance to step out from? The crowd takes me to the stairs where I can actually enter the stations building.

Horizontal and vertical structures are intersecting. Whiteness is broken with massive marks of prime colours. The structure is a system there, and the system turns into a structure of the place. The upper part of the roof is made out of glass so the space looks very exposed. I am on the stairs, I look down. The station is completely full of people, movement, sounds, and colours. It’s alive. I have a feeling that I am observing a performance, or a theatre play. The actors have practiced very hard. They follow their moves perfectly, everything looks under control. The gates, normally so neutral, today look like a part of the play. They are moving so gently, collaborating so well.

Something is different. Today the place has shown me a different profile, a different character. One day it looks dark and grey, on another the colours of the station can be so energetic. The machines are quiet sometimes, but there are moments during the rush hours when they sing in their strange way. But the most fantastic phenomenon for me is when in the morning, the travellers turn into a structure of the building.

It looks like they belong together. There is this feeling, only for a moment, that the station would collapse if there were no people. It would be just loose elements, which are levitating without any sense.