[graduation project | 2016]

The function of the architectural skeleton is clear: construction carries the building and delivers the architectural space. Looking at constructive structures from a distance we see grids, supporting elements, building materials, systems and functions: they are the base of architecture.

But what about the users? Do they deliver extra input to the architecture?

Could one’s presence, body movements and actions potentially transform structural components into new elements, thus bringing a new layer into existing formats?

The installation ‘Conjunctions’ functions as a play between a given architecture and its users. A series of designed foam elements are spread through the building of the Rietveld Academy, calling your attention with their anonymous appearance. They invite you to play and interact with them. You are being asked to find a way of exploring their functionality, find a reason for their location at that exact spot. A column could be adapted into a waiting spot when foam elements are added; a concrete block, that is supposed to transmit the forces within the structure, gains all of a sudden a social aspect. The ‘Conjunctions’ are the connectors between you and the architecture, transforming those places as dwelling places.

Set of foam molds designed for a specific location. The variety of the forms delivers different type of activities and purposes.