centraal support

[public space | 2015]

To see/ to be seen/ to hide I find it interesting to observe people who are waiting for each other. For this project, I studied this subject on the square in front of the Centraal Station in Amsterdam. I questioned what sort of positions people would take, how invisible they would want to become, or how they would mark their territories in order to feel comfortable within this particular public space. Another interesting aspect of that location is the use of the square itself. From my observations I could conclude that the place was not functioning well at all. People who had to stay there for a while tried to become less exposed, they hid themselves as if they were trying to become invisible. Therefore they tended to occupy only the margins of the place. The other type of users were those who were in rush. They’d cross the Stationplein with shortcuts, which encompassed the edges of the square. This group of people also unconsciously excluded themselves from actively using the space

As the centric part of this location was not used in the most effective way, I came up with an idea of a wooden installation that provides a temporary place for waiting, and would stimulate people to be more present and feel more comfortable even though being exposed at that location. The structure has 2 different sides that provide comfort- 5⁰ for leaning while standing and 20⁰ while sitting.